Code of Student Conduct

Candidates at STAT Medical Training will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with a safe and positive learning environment.


While every attempt is made to assure that students will be successful at STAT Medical Training, there are some instances when students must be withdrawn from a program. These include unsatisfactory conduct, excessive absences, violation of safety regulations, unsatisfactory progress and other causes.

Tobacco use

Students may not smoke or use any other tobacco products inside the building at any time. Smoking is only permitted during designated breaks or before and after classes and must be done outside, at least 20 feet from the entrance of the building.

Food and Drink

There are soft drinks and bottled water for sale in each office. Please feel free to bring any non-alcoholic drink into the classrooms, but not to be taken in the clinical or computer rooms.

Cell phones, electronic devices

Cell phones (to include Apple watches, and like devices), audible pagers or beepers are prohibited during class and testing. Students may be asked to leave the class if this policy is violated. There can be extenuating circumstances, which warrant the use of one of these devices. Please discuss these circumstances with your instructor.

A student may be dismissed at the discretion of the Instructor for insufficient or nonpayment of costs, or failure to comply with rules.

The following actions are cause for immediate dismissal: Any grossly negligent or careless act, which results, or may result, in personal injury, property damage, or loss.

  • Willful refusal or failure to follow instructions, perform assigned work, or otherwise defy the authority of an employee.
  • Theft or removal from the premises, without proper authorization, of any school property or property of another person.
  • Abusive or abrasive language.

Dress Code

Candidates are to wear comfortable respectable clothing. Items with offensive language or designs/ pictures will be prohibited in class.

Promertic has a strict outline as to the dress code for testing. This will be enforced by the Prometric staff assigned to test candidates.

What to wear

If you are taking the Clinical Skills Test, you are required to wear flat, nonskid, closed-toed shoes. It is suggested that a uniform or scrubs be worn on the day of testing. You should also have a watch with a secondhand.

Candidates should reframe from wearing excessive jewelry or items that may catch/snag while practicing the CNA skill sets.

Hair will be worn pulled back and out of your face so to avoid touching a simulated patient.

Nail length should be limited so not to extend more than 1/4 inch over the tip of the finger to avoid ripping gloved when they are required. STAT Medical Training will not be responsible if a candidate has any issue with the proper fitting of gloves due to fingernail length exceeding the above listed length.

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